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Mensaje por Sofi_winchester el Dom Dic 06, 2009 1:38 pm

Numeros de episodios: 22
4.01-Lazarus Rising
4.02-Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
4.03-In The Beginning
4.05-Monster Movie
4.06-Yelow Fever
4.07-It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
4.08-Wishful Thinking
4.09-I Know What You Did Last Summer
4.10-Heaven And Hell
4.11-Family Remains
4.12-Criss Angel Is A Douche bag
4.13-After-School Special
4.14-Sex and Violence
4.15-Death Takes A Holiday
4.16-On The Head Of A Pin
4.17-Its A Terrible Life
4.18-Monster At The End Of This Book
4.19-Jump The Shark
4.20-The Rapture
4.21-When The Levee Breaks
4.22-Lucifer Rising



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